We would greatly appreciate if you can take some time to go through the following frequently asked questions. If you have a query that needs further assistance please email our helpdesk.

What happens if I don’t get any leads?

We can guarantee you will get leads, otherwise there is no point to our service.
While we can guarantee LEADS, we cannot guarantee SALES. It`s up to you to convert those leads into meaningful sales.

In the rare case that we cannot get you ANY leads – we will refund you.

Where are my campaign funds used?

After we get the funds from your account we distribute them amongst selected ad networks, website owners that work with us, or sometimes other ad agencies that co-operate with us. We will do and contact whatever and whomever it takes to deliver you results.

How do you keep my campaign funds?

Important! Your campaign funds are kept within a special dedicated personal bank account intended only for this purpose and are not “getting mixed” with our general turn over.

A payoneer™ bank account is allocated separately for each client and campaign.

Is my test budget refundable?

Generally speaking in most cases it is not (since we had already bought traffic with it by then). BUT if we detect that the campaign goals are not realistic for that amount of budget or we made a mistake that hinders your funds, we will certainly stop and refund you the rest of the balance that is left at our disposal.