Step 1 - Free Website and Advertising Account

We`ll create whatever accounts necessary for your campaign for free (Google , Bing ,Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , or any other advertising platform) .

Step 2- You Set a Test Budget for Online Advertising

You give us a test budget to work with for one week (Ex: $1000). This money funds online advertising ads and clicks and helps us drive traffic to the website.

Step 3 - We Generate Leads through the Website

We use your budget to drive traffic to the website and generate leads. We write ads, manage keyword bids, and optimize site performance.

Step 4 - Start your trial !

For one week, you don’t have to pay us anything for the leads you get. Your only cost is the advertising budget that you gave us to work with.

Step 5 - we analyze results and supply the leads accumulated

We`ll generate a report of your campaign’s performance , and our recommendations for future actions if needed.

Final step - Decide Whether to Continue your campaign with us

After the week is over, you can choose whether or not to continue with us. There is no obligation to continue after the one week trial. We will always appriciate your business.

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